Monday, June 16, 2014

Lil ' Fox

On the drive home from Bell Mountain Wilderness we were headed North on Old State Hwy 21, I was in the back seat with with Zeusy.  Alesi rode shotgun to our dear friend and driver Catherine as she drove us home.

Suddenly Catherine honked the horn swerved slightly then anxiously stated,  " I am going over it, I dont think I will hit it! "

 I looked forward and saw a small fur ball in the middle of our lane.  I then turned around to see the fur ball was in the same spot. Missed by the horseless carriage.

 My heart then sank as I watched cars one, two, and three drive over the little fur ball. Car four swerved into the oncoming lane.

 But there sat fur ball, who then slinked off the road and into the weeds.

 Catherine a devoted animal person who has performed wildlife rehabilitation in Africa, the Caymen Islands and the United States, jerked the vehicle to a stop. In a flash she was out the door and into the weeds. Quickly she came walking back holding by the scruff of the neck the most pathetic, flea and parasite ridden fox kit.

 The lil' fox was in a very weakened state as well and Alesi hurriedly dumped the contents of a bag I handed her onto the floorboard to make room for lil' fox. The silly part is that the bag was an "Endangered Wolf Center" reusable shopping bag.

 Alesi was in charge of the bag and lil' fox until we could drive the two hours to the "Wildlife Rescue Center" in Ballwin, Mo.  Because of the great reputation of the Wildlife Rescue Center we felt confident that this is the place lil' fox needs to be.

 Alesi did what any animal girl would do and started snapping pictures. Later she donated one of the shirts she was wearing pushing to the bottom of the bag keeping her charge comfortable. She would not take her eyes off lil' fox exclaiming " He is so cute I cant stop staring and my eyes will burn out !"

 Once at the resue center lil' fox was checked in and is going through parasite treatments and feeding to get its' strength back.

 A volunteer and friend at the Wildlife Rescue Center Sherrie is keeping us updated on lil' fox's progress. 

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