Friday, June 27, 2014

A Peregrine Predicament

  I had completed nine days in a row at work. I was home relaxing with no plans of going anywhere for anything. I actually went out the evening before, and bought a nice piece of sockeye salmon, asparagus,  and red potatoes for my mini celebration of the joy of days off.

   I stood up, looked at Zeusy and said " You ready to make dinner? " He was ready. Of course the phone started ringing. (This really happened, you can ask Zeusy.) The caller ID said " Restricted. "  No way I was answering. Then the second call came in with a number I vaguely recognized,  then the voicemail. I will listen to that.

  It was a buddy who works at the Clayton (Mo.) Police Dept. He said he was on the Forest Park Parkway with a Falcon that wouldn't fly. I asked him to catch it, and I would come and get it. As I explained the "How to" he sounded reluctant . I knew for sure he would do it, no police officer I know would be afraid. I said call me back when you have him. We hung up and a few moments later he had him and was taking him to the station. After shutting down the Parkway to grab it. Awesome !!

  I called Catherine to see if she was available. She was the Catherine who started the lil' fox rescue.   She was right down the road and in no time we were on our way.

  At the station he was inside a cell inside a tupperware bin. My buddy did not want to leave the lid on until I arrived, and figured a cell will keep the bird contained.

  We arrived and performed an initial exam. The Falcon was only about 60 days old and probably recently fledged. Other wise we could not identify anything wrong, except a check of the keel area showed it probably had not eaten in a few days. We suspected that the Falcon just fledged and hadn't figured out life on it's own yet.

   Off to the World Bird Sanctuary Wildlife Hospital. Once there I took the bird out of the copier paper box provided by the Clayton PD.

  Catherine prepared a mew and a few mice in an attempt to get it to eat. It actually grabbed one and began eating while I was holding it. Never had either one of us seen that.

  It was left over night and the Veterinarian Dr. Stacy performed her exam. She found no injury and suspects the newly fledged Falcon was trying to figure out it's world.

  After a few days of eating good it will be released in it's territory.

  Took so long I gave up on cooking the salmon and we ate Mexican and I arrived home late . Oh well......

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