Saturday, June 30, 2012

ML'S South Dakota

With the recent shooting of Mountain Lions in South Dakota including one in that was tree'd shows the lack of a professional response by the Fish and Game there. I wanted to see South Dakota. I am taking it off my list to visit.

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Monday, June 18, 2012

From Montana

What I was writing about....kill more predators to increase deer and elk numbers.  Old ideas again being used by wildlife managers!

"FWP Commission raises mountain lion quotas, lowers some license offerings for elk, deer, antelope"

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mountain Lion Study

Here is the Mountain Lion study that has generated so much press. It is fascinating news and interesting article. The study was only until 2008 and verifies what many already are aware of. Fast forward to 2012. Mountain Lions are literally under the gun here in Missouri, South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska and other States. Some politicians and wildlife managers have worked very hard at trying to destroy this natural occurrence. In Missouri alone MlLs have been tree'd and shot and a Senate bill to shoot them down was introduced to the Senate floor. The legendary Ghost Cat has been marked for destruction. It is going to be up to you to stop the war on Mountain Lions and predators. The time is more crucial than ever to bring State and Federal Wildlife managers, politicians, the media, and the public into the 21st century. Let them know that old ideas, and old ways of management only work at destroying our eco-systems further, and no longer in a modern World............;jsessionid=79698DBAED45E7B5A60F0DACAC9C84BB.d03t04

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mountain Lions win !

Congratulations to you all !

Missouri State Senate Bill SB738 is no longer a threat to Mountain Lions in Missouri !

Due to the furor it created it never left the committee it was assigned to, and a long wait until the closing of the Missouri General Assembly session began. The opposition to the bill continued until 6:00 pm, May 18th, 2012 when the Assembly closed it's session.

Mountain Lions are no longer under the threat of being hunted down like vile, evil monsters.

Mountain Lions can continue to re-colonize the places it was extirpated from so long ago.

The Missouri Department of Conservations' Mountain Lion Response Team can continue their important work of educating the public about Mountain Lions.

It is people like you who made the difference !

It is organizations like:
The Cougar Rewilding Foundation
The Mountain Lion Foundation
The Felidae Conservation Fund
The Cougar Fund
The BI-State Wildlife Hotline
The Natural Resources Defence Council
that made the difference !

Your voices have been heard !

Again Congratulations and I am humbled by the support you gave to this cause !

Long live Puma Concolor !

Craig Lanham
St.Louis ,Missouri

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Current status :SB 738 Would allow the killing of Mountain Lions for any reason.

SB 738 has not left the Missouri Senate Committee it was assigned to.

Members of the Natural Resources Defense Council recently went to the Missouri State Capitol and met with a few members of the committee concerning this bill. The NRDC described the meeting as very positive.

May 18, 2012 is the end of the current legislative session. If the bill stays where it is at , this campaign will end on May 19th.

Until then I am recommending some great reading to pass the time as we watch and wait.

William Stolzenburg wrote the excellent book " Where the Wild Things Where ". The book will give you a greater understanding of predators, how important they are, and how humans came to this conclusion.

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And thank you all for signing !


Friday, March 2, 2012

Mountain Lions as Invasive Species. What a joke !

Senator Stouffer told the newspaper the New American Republic he created SB738 so his constituents would not get in trouble for killing Mountain Lions.
Now that his bill is being reviewed by the Agricultural, Food Production, and Outdoor Resources committee, a committee he sits on , he now wants to define Mountain Lions as an "Invasive Species !" Despite the fact they have been here long before any European saw Missouri. Plus they have not caused damage to the State.
Since Stouffer seems to think he is the new crusader against invasive species I dare him to go after the real invasive species. Asian Carp, fescue, honeysuckle. Trout are not native to Missouri. I dare you to try and shutdown the five trout hatcheries the State runs. See what happens. Why pick and choose ?
It would look great in your bid for Missouri Secretary of State this election year.

(Anglers ,I am not anti-trout just anti-SB738)

CBS News...

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Missouri State Senator Joseph Keaveny

Some may know and some may not.

I have been working hard for some time to change minds concerning an animal that gets little respect due to fear and ignorance here in Missouri. The Mountain Lion.

All I have put into it has come down to opposing a Bill before the Missouri State Senate. Bill SB738 would allow the killing of Mountain Lions for any reason. A bill to destroy a magnificent cat.

A bill must go before a Senate Commitee for review before a vote. The public hearing is today and I am unable to voice my opposition to this Bill.

I was left basically legally blind about a month ago due to the sudden onset of cataracts. I have had one sucessful surgery and will have another Thursday. Due to this it is unsafe for me to drive.

Can you imagine how low I felt not being able to speak for the Mountain Lion ?

I contacted my State Senator Joseph Keaveny via email letting him know of my current condition. I sent him the statement I had prepared.

Very shortly after, I recieved a response from Senator Keaveny assuring me that he would have my statement delivered to the commitee holding the public hearing.

Wow!! Words cannot express my gratitude to Senator Keaveny ! Thank you so much !

To have a State Senator step up and ensure the concerns of one of his constituents is addressed speaks volumes about Senator Keaveny's character. Hard-working, honorable , concerned, and a man who will act on his constituents behalf are in my description.

Thank you again,Senator !
Craig Lanham
St. Louis,Missouri

Senator Keaveny's Missouri State Senate website....

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oppose Missouri SB738 !

The favorable consideration of this bill would continue to do damage to an intregal part of Missouri's eco-system. The Mountain Lion was stripped of State endangered species status in 2006. SB738 would not only take the Mountain Lions last piece of protection, but would make it a target for destruction in Missouri. 

Mountain lions are an integral part of a healthy Missouri ecosystem.
To single out a specific species of wildlife for destruction harks of a time that the killing of wildlife drove species to the edge of extinction such as the American Bison. Some species such as the Passenger Pigeon were shot from the sky forever. Keystone Species such as Mountain Lions are crucial in the balance and health of our environment.
The Wildlife and natural resources in the State of Missouri were so devastated by the 1920s that the citizens made conservation and the forming of a conservation department a part of their State Constitution. This happened with great fore thought by the leaders of the times.

This selfless act made way for Missouri to better educate its' citizens and the understanding of ecology has grown by leaps and bounds. Keystone Species such as Mountain Lions are crucial in the balance and health of our environment. The preservation and conservation of declining wild cat populations has become an important international issue. The State of Missouri can easily become an international leader in the conservation of the Worlds' wild cats by choosing to be proud of having these amazing animals in its' borders. This would include effective conservation management, that encourages a well rounded and healthy eco-system.

The Missouri Department of Conservation is already engaging in effective mountain lion species management.
The Missouri Department of Conservation has been innovative in its' approach to Mountain Lions with the formation of a Mountain Lion Response Team. The Missouri Department of Conservation is more than capable of handling the Conservation of Mountain Lions.

Fear, ignorance, and myth feeds hatred towards mountain lions. As well as untruths in rumours and folklore.
More honest and factual information is more available on African Lions, and the Worlds Tigers than on Americas' amazing cat.
The Mountain Lion also called Cougar, Puma, Panther, and various other names has been misrepresented in our society and deserves a truthful view. Other States such as Arizona, Florida, and California are proud of their Mountain Lions and manage them effectively.

Truths about Mountain Lions can be found through organizations that work to conserve and truthfully inform everyone about one of the most beautiful creatures that exsist in America.

The Missouri Department of Conservation/Mountain Lion Response Team.

The Mountain Lion Foundation, who opposes SB738

The Cougar Rewilding Foundation, who opposes SB738

The Cougar Fund, who opposes SB738

The Felidae Conservation Fund, who opposes SB738

The BI-Stat Wildlife Hotline, who opposes SB738

Contact: Craig Lanham