Monday, March 23, 2015

Last of Winter

The last of Winter is what we found in Hawn State Park.  In the Ozarks of Missouri  and near the former French Colonial Town of Cape Girardeau.

Deciduous hardwood forests so typical of the Ozarks. Rocky soil and beautiful trees make the area unique and special.

Flowing creeks that may be dry by summer added to the beauty as well as lichen covered boulders and rock formations. This turned their grey to olive drab.

The temperature was 49° f  but a biting sustained wind kept it cold as the last of Winter tried to over power the coming Spring.

Very little fauna was seen or heard with the call of a Crow being loud enough to be heard above the muffling sound of the wind.

The woods seemed to be waiting as much as I was for the right tilt of our planet to make it explode into the growth and excitement of Spring.