Friday, March 2, 2012

Mountain Lions as Invasive Species. What a joke !

Senator Stouffer told the newspaper the New American Republic he created SB738 so his constituents would not get in trouble for killing Mountain Lions.
Now that his bill is being reviewed by the Agricultural, Food Production, and Outdoor Resources committee, a committee he sits on , he now wants to define Mountain Lions as an "Invasive Species !" Despite the fact they have been here long before any European saw Missouri. Plus they have not caused damage to the State.
Since Stouffer seems to think he is the new crusader against invasive species I dare him to go after the real invasive species. Asian Carp, fescue, honeysuckle. Trout are not native to Missouri. I dare you to try and shutdown the five trout hatcheries the State runs. See what happens. Why pick and choose ?
It would look great in your bid for Missouri Secretary of State this election year.

(Anglers ,I am not anti-trout just anti-SB738)

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