Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Missouri State Senator Joseph Keaveny

Some may know and some may not.

I have been working hard for some time to change minds concerning an animal that gets little respect due to fear and ignorance here in Missouri. The Mountain Lion.

All I have put into it has come down to opposing a Bill before the Missouri State Senate. Bill SB738 would allow the killing of Mountain Lions for any reason. A bill to destroy a magnificent cat.

A bill must go before a Senate Commitee for review before a vote. The public hearing is today and I am unable to voice my opposition to this Bill.

I was left basically legally blind about a month ago due to the sudden onset of cataracts. I have had one sucessful surgery and will have another Thursday. Due to this it is unsafe for me to drive.

Can you imagine how low I felt not being able to speak for the Mountain Lion ?

I contacted my State Senator Joseph Keaveny via email letting him know of my current condition. I sent him the statement I had prepared.

Very shortly after, I recieved a response from Senator Keaveny assuring me that he would have my statement delivered to the commitee holding the public hearing.

Wow!! Words cannot express my gratitude to Senator Keaveny ! Thank you so much !

To have a State Senator step up and ensure the concerns of one of his constituents is addressed speaks volumes about Senator Keaveny's character. Hard-working, honorable , concerned, and a man who will act on his constituents behalf are in my description.

Thank you again,Senator !
Craig Lanham
St. Louis,Missouri

Senator Keaveny's Missouri State Senate website....

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