Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mountain Lions win !

Congratulations to you all !

Missouri State Senate Bill SB738 is no longer a threat to Mountain Lions in Missouri !

Due to the furor it created it never left the committee it was assigned to, and a long wait until the closing of the Missouri General Assembly session began. The opposition to the bill continued until 6:00 pm, May 18th, 2012 when the Assembly closed it's session.

Mountain Lions are no longer under the threat of being hunted down like vile, evil monsters.

Mountain Lions can continue to re-colonize the places it was extirpated from so long ago.

The Missouri Department of Conservations' Mountain Lion Response Team can continue their important work of educating the public about Mountain Lions.

It is people like you who made the difference !

It is organizations like:
The Cougar Rewilding Foundation
The Mountain Lion Foundation
The Felidae Conservation Fund
The Cougar Fund
The BI-State Wildlife Hotline
The Natural Resources Defence Council
that made the difference !

Your voices have been heard !

Again Congratulations and I am humbled by the support you gave to this cause !

Long live Puma Concolor !

Craig Lanham
St.Louis ,Missouri

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