Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July

  I was asked to write about what the United States of America means to me. The inquisitive immigrant and future American asked on July 3rd, the day before America celebrates its' birthday, July 4th.

 America inspires many different feelings and emotions,  learned behaviors taught since childhood. I have pledged allegiance to the flag, and proudly served in the military. I am fascinated by the history and interested in how it works.

  It is a newer country. Being an American is only two hundred and thirty eight years old, but its's land has known ancient peoples. I live accross a river from Cahokia Mounds. A city built in the 1100's by what are called Mississippian people. 

  Moving forward in the centuries to July, 4th 1776 and you have America's day of independence.  Part of the British Empire, the thirteen colonies defied the heavy taxation of  its' powerful rulers. First protest, then rebellion, followed by revolution.

  The Declaration of Independence was written by men whose concept of government was new and untried, and still exists today.

  July 4th, 1776 was the day that the Declaration of Independence was signed and the official start of the United States of America.

  It is a country in constant change, ever evolving, ever growing. Good or bad the change comes from the people or in the interest of the people.

  Living in this country is fairly easy.

  I am free to express my feelings on any subject. I am free to defy the government and its' leaders without the fear of being hauled out of bed to never be seen again.

  I have an incredible amount of rights not held by most people of the World.

  The thing I love most is that I can travel freely about the country without any special permission. This has afforded me the opportunity to see many different environments. Deserts, mountains, plains, swamps, and coasts.  I have also explored the cities.

  I have explored the wild places. Made special because in its' history the people were smart enough to think of future Americans by protecting the special places and animals with the first ever National Park, the Wilderness act, the Antiquities act and the Migratory Bird act to name a few among many.

  Knowing about my country and being able to do what I do, I can easily sum up what my country means to me. It is the same idea that the signers of the Declaration of Independence had for themselves and future Americans. It is what I want for my children as well.



Old Courthouse, St. Louis, Missouri

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