Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mountain Lion Study

Here is the Mountain Lion study that has generated so much press. It is fascinating news and interesting article. The study was only until 2008 and verifies what many already are aware of. Fast forward to 2012. Mountain Lions are literally under the gun here in Missouri, South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska and other States. Some politicians and wildlife managers have worked very hard at trying to destroy this natural occurrence. In Missouri alone MlLs have been tree'd and shot and a Senate bill to shoot them down was introduced to the Senate floor. The legendary Ghost Cat has been marked for destruction. It is going to be up to you to stop the war on Mountain Lions and predators. The time is more crucial than ever to bring State and Federal Wildlife managers, politicians, the media, and the public into the 21st century. Let them know that old ideas, and old ways of management only work at destroying our eco-systems further, and no longer in a modern World............;jsessionid=79698DBAED45E7B5A60F0DACAC9C84BB.d03t04

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